Dubai: MEE 2022 and more
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The Middle East Energy 2022 – which took place from March 07th to March 09th – had around 18.000 professionals of the energy sector travel to the Dubai World Trade Centre to discover the latest energy solutions that are driving the industry forward and defining its future.

La Triveneta Cavi S.p.A. was also present, thanks to the delegation formed by Lisa Maule (Export Sales Manager) and Nicola Zini (Area Manager) who visited the interesting halls of MEE 2022 and took the opportunity to meet some important customers, thus strengthening the existing partnerships and laying the foundations for future collaborations.

New partnership, new success
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La Triveneta Cavi is proud to announce that we have obtained the “SII” THE STANDARDS INSTITUTE OF ISRAEL certification for the N2XY installation cable.
We are the first and only Italian cable manufacturer to have obtained this certification, confirming the constant commitment and quality of the products that distinguish LTC.
This is the result of an intense collaboration with our partner in Israel and major cable distributor, “Yair Duchovny Cables Ltd”, with whom we have signed a distribution agreement.

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Another important milestone for LTC, which we had the pleasure of sharing with our Israeli partner during a recent visit to our Brendola factory.

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Nicola Zini – La Triveneta Cavi S.p.a. – Export Area Manager
Mr Yair Duchovni – Yair Duchovni Cables Ltd. – General Manager
Itzik Shushan – Yair Duchovni Cables Ltd. – Purchasing Manager
Mrs Lisa Maule – La Triveneta Cavi S.p.a. – Export Sales Manager

La Triveneta Cavi – Highlights 2021
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A record 2021, thank you all!

Greetings from La Triveneta Cavi
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LTC wishes everyone a pleasant holiday season. Our offices will be closed from Christmas Eve until the second day of the New Year.

Training Event at Sonepar Academy
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La Triveneta Cavi believes strongly in training, not only within the company for its employees, but also for partners and customers.

In this spirit, a seminar was held at the Sonepar Academy on November 22nd, the programme of which focused on low and medium voltage electrical cables.

La Triveneta Cavi – with a view to continuous training – is always willing to organize courses and seminars in collaboration with its partners and customers.

Cebec approval obtained for EXVB cables by LTC
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We are pleased to inform you that our EXVB cables on October 21st, 2021 obtained CEBEC certification according to NBN HD:603 2007 + A1:2016 + AC 10:2018 A1:2016 Part 5 Section A

Covered cross-sections are:
2-cores: 1,5 mm2 to 35 mm2

3-cores: 1.5 mm2 to 50 mm2
4-cores: 1.5 mm2 to 50 mm2
5-cores: 1.5 mm2 to 35 mm2

Cables manufactured after this date will therefore carry:
1) The new marking: (metric) CEBEC 579 LTC EXVB 0.6/1 kV (section) Eca (Order No.) (Year) + “LA TRIVENETA CAVI”.
2) The new label with CEBEC logo

Energy runs fast and safely, thanks to LTC cable, at the Italian Porsche test track
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Another prestigious supply for La Triveneta Cavi, which has delivered several kilometres of RG7H1(AN)R-18/30 kV cable to the Nardò Technical Center (Lecce), one of the most important test centres in the world, where a wide range of high-level testing and engineering services dedicated to the entire automotive industry are performed.

The RG7H1(AN)R-18/30 kV cable supplied by LTC is suitable for transporting energy between transformer rooms and large utilities. It is a medium voltage cable that can be buried for direct or indirect laying in accordance with CEI 11-17. Thanks to the aluminium armouring that protects the conductor, it is suitable in environments with possible mechanical damage and/or the presence of rodents, guaranteeing continuity of service.

Since 2012 the Lecce Test Centre has been an integral part of Porsche Engineering Group GmbH, the engineering service provider within the Porsche AG group that has been providing top-level engineering services to customers in the automotive industry and beyond for over 80 years.

With more than 700 hectares and a wide variety of test tracks and facilities, the Apulian facility offers testing solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers in accordance with the major trends in the automotive industry, whether it is testing combustion engines or advanced battery-electric vehicle systems.

LTC ever more sustainable: here’s the new packaging made of 70% recycled cardboard
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Plastic has been an integral part of our daily lives for decades, but the growing awareness of its impact on the environment is presenting us with a challenge that concerns us all and that the European Union has integrated into its political agenda for years, setting itself the goal of a circular economy.

La Triveneta Cavi has also taken up the challenge by choosing to be ever greener: for some cable lines, the introduction of new cardboard packaging to replace the previous plastic packaging has become official. The waste-based composition of the new packaging reaches a total of 70% recycled cardboard.

This important innovation comes as a result of our company’s ever-increasing sensitivity to environmental issues. The ISO 14001 certification recently obtained is a demonstration of this: La Triveneta Cavi wants to pay more and more attention to the impact that its products and processes have on the environment in order to contribute concretely to making the planet “greener”.

The new cardboard barrels that pack LTC cables guarantee strong, safe and practical packaging. The advantages for the customer are very clear: easier cable unwinding, without tangling, and practical handling, thanks to the side holes that act as handles.

Anwar Almadina visit La Triveneta Cavi
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On November the 10th we had the pleasure of hosting, for the first time, at our headquarters in Brendola, our Libyan customer Anwar Almadina . Our sales team welcomed Mr. Seddig Badi, Mr.Salah Khalifa Elkaroudi and Mr. Adel Musbah H. Abusreyel and took them on a visit to our production facilities and automated logistics unit.

LTC was awarded the 2021 Metellino d’Oro
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La Triveneta Cavi is pleased to inform all its customers and collaborators that – having distinguished itself in excellence – it has been awarded the “Metellino d’Oro” award, edition 2021.

The announcement was made at the Metel Event on October 19th, through a film broadcast at the end of the convention.

The Metellino d’Oro – an expression of the growth index of a company’s efficiency in managing the order cycle – is the Oscar awarded by Metel to the most deserving companies.

This is the second time since 2015 that La Triveneta Cavi has won this prestigious award, confirming a corporate structure that focuses on the customers and their satisfaction.