The best app for electricians and installers

In this article, we will have a look at the best free and paid apps to download for electricians installers.


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Smartphones and mobile devices technology is increasingly helpful not only for enjoyable leisure time but also for work.  Thanks to a series of dedicated apps, today it is possible to improve a number of work processes that are simplified and, therefore, speeded up.

When you do works at home, for example, you can choose a large number of apps that allow you to find quick solutions to more or less complex problems, especially regarding hydraulic, electrical or thermoelectric installations.

Many apps are made for do-it-yourself lovers, while others are highly professional, perfect for those in the industry who are looking for new, modern, and functional solutions. Most apps are available for both iOS and Android systems, so you can use them regardless of the type of mobile device you are using.

It should be emphasized that when working with these apps to solve system problems, it is essential to use the right tools to avoid damaging the systems themselves. In many cases, remember that it is better to turn to industry professionals rather than trying to repair complex failures, despite the support of technology applications.


The best app for electricians and installers


Electro- Memory


The best app for electricians and installers Electro-Memory by SampleZone GmbH

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Among the most popular apps, there is Electro-Memory, probably one of the most downloaded from Google store.

This is an app created by a Swiss developer who has proved to be very supportive both for aspiring electricians and for professionals. It has a number of interesting features, which allow it to be a simple and effective reader for any electrical system requirements.

It can be downloaded for free from both Google and Apple stores, and for this reason, it is highly appreciated.

What does this app offer?  First of all, it is able to break all kinds of doubts that may come during a work on an electrical circuit, ensuring responses to any kind of sudden problem that may occur during repair or installation.

In addition to providing answers, Electro-Memory contains a very large section on the theory of electrical circuits, formulas, cable descriptions, which allows to recognize cables and helps to understand their proper use. For those who love working with computers, this app is also available in a web version.




The best app for electricians and installers Electrotools by Fegime                                                                                              The best app for electricians and installers ELECTROtools di Fegime

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Another highly appreciated app is Electro-Tools, a German company that has aimed at creating an app that can meet all the needs of professional and amateur electricians.

It can be downloaded for free from both Google and the Apple Stores. It has a large number of functions, also for carrying out cabling calculations on all different electrical appliances.

This function allows you to quickly evaluate the type of cable required for a specific system, simply by entering some basic parameters such as the length, the power, and the voltage, or whatever, depending on the type of work to be done.

Electro-Tools also gives you the possibility to evaluate different parameters thanks to its interactive tables, conversion factors and more. The interface is very simple and intuitive and ensures fast and immediate use of all the different functions.


Mobile Electrician


The best app for electricians and installers Mobile ElectricianMobile Electrician is reported being among the paid apps.

This is a very fast app, perfect for professionals who need to solve problems, calculations and measurements quickly.

In addition to solving the most common problems that can be encountered by every electrician in everyday work, this app also features a number of top-level functions. It includes theoretical information on capacitors, the chances of charging and discharging them; schemes are shown for both serial and parallel systems.

It also features additional highly professional features such as decoding color resistors, power calculations, whether we are dealing with active, reactive or apparent power, and much more. Its high functionality is also guaranteed by continuous updates.


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Those who want to try the practicality and the completeness of this app can download the free version, which has the same features but is characterized by ad banners that, as you can imagine, can create some visualization problems on the interface.

This version, however, allows you to understand all the professionalism of this app, allowing you to run trial periods before deciding whether or not you wish to purchase a professional version.


Master Electrician Reference


The best app for electricians and installers Master Electrician Reference

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Among the most professional apps, there is with no doubts the Master Electrician Reference, available for sale at both the App store and Google.

It is highly appreciated by electricians who use it, who find it very practical as the app is divided into several sections. The Master Electrician Reference, in fact, has sections for different topics, for example, circuits, formulas, transformers, conductors, different types of cabling and more.

The app’s interface is very simple and stylish and features a special function which is really uncommon with the other apps: a scientific calculator that offers the ability to perform any type of calculations, both algebraic and trigonometric. It allows to make conversions and features the values ​​of the fundamental constants.

It can, therefore, be considered as one of the most comprehensive professional apps, a real manual of the electrician, plus the ability to make calculations quickly and accurately.


Calcoli Elettrici


The best app for electricians and installers Calcoli ElettriciMuch appreciated by electricians and engineering students is also the Italian App Calcoli Elettrici which can be easily downloaded, free of charge, from both the Google store and the Apple store.

This app is characterized by two basic elements: the first is to be very useful not only to electricians of every level but also to students engaged in subjects such as physics, electrical engineering or electric machines.

The second important feature is that the Italian developer is very open to suggestions for improving the app, which, while being rich in features, is punctually updated, corrected and improved to provide users with a more complete and functional product.




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