La Triveneta Cavi & Cesap – united for a new training plan

Continuous improvement is one of the driving forces behind La Triveneta Cavi, which is constantly striving for ever higher production performance in order to guarantee its customers safe, high quality products. With this in mind, staff training plays a central role in achieving the objectives set.

Our company has chosen not to limit training opportunities to internal staff only and to already look to the future. For this reason, together with CESAP Srl – European Centre for the Development of Plastic Applications – La Triveneta Cavi is carrying out a specific training plan on extrusion process techniques. In all, about 50 people will attend this course, divided into smaller groups, for a total of about 600 hours. The course, through active participation and direct confrontation, allows participants to delve into various aspects, from plant analysis to the different phases of the extrusion process, as well as an overview of materials and their main characteristics to be considered for their optimal use.

Cable of the month – April

A new monthly appointment to introduce the products of La Triveneta Cavi.

This month we talk about: FG16(O)M16 – 0,6/1 kV

Cable of the TRISECUR® line – Halogen free which – due to its properties of limiting the development of fire and harmful fumes – is particularly suitable for power supply in public places with fire hazards and high presence of people such as schools, offices, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions, libraries, hospitals, museums and hotels.

La Triveneta Cavi invests in energy sustainability

In 2009, the United Nations established the International Mother Earth Day, designating 22 April as the day for its celebration, in memory of the 1970 event when, in the United States, 20 million citizens rose up to demand greater attention to environmental issues, after a huge oil spill from a well off the coast of Santa Barbara (California).

The theme chosen for World Earth Day 2022 is #InvestinOurPlanet, and La Triveneta Cavi also wanted to participate with the installation, in the car park by the entrance to the headquarters, of a three-phase, IP 55, 22kW+22kW ground column for recharging electric vehicles, available to customers and visitors. A conscious choice to encourage an increasingly sustainable future.

IMQ recognition for La Triveneta Cavi’s burn cabin

La Triveneta Cavi is one of the first cable manufacturers to have obtained recognition from IMQ for the use of the burn cabin for the purpose of verifying the CPR requirements according to EN 50399.

This is an important step that our company has strongly supported by investing in structures, control equipment and training of internal staff.

The technological content and the perfection of the test execution methods give results similar to those of an external laboratory.

This means for La Triveneta Cavi a further guarantee on the control of raw materials and the production process and – for our customers – the confirmation of an increasingly safe and quality product.

“Safety is not optional”.