From 2017 onwards safety has become, in the complex world of electrical installations, the main focus.

The Decree Law No 106 of 16.06.2017 has set a clear condition on the use of cables in accordance with the CPR regulation. La Triveneta Cavi has promptly responded to this change and is now providing, in compliance with the standards, a cable suitable for all plant situations.

In the circular of December 14, 2018, the IMQ officially announced the repeal of the Technical Specifications IMQ-CPT-007 relating to FROR cables (shielded and unshielded):

FROR 450/750 V or FROR 300/500V (shielded version)

FROH2R 450/750 V or FROH2R 300/500 V (braided shielded)

FROHH2R 450/750 V or FROHH2R 300/500 V (AL / PET + braid)

FROH2R 300/300 V

The IMQ’s decision to make FROR cables obsolete puts an end to their widespread use, which is not completely covered by installation regulations.

FROR cables were designed for mobile use, for indoor environments and for temporary outdoor use. However, they were normally used for fixed installation inside buildings and, while taking the appropriate precautions, they were also used for fixed laying rather than for underground laying.

What are therefore the main changes for designers and installers?

1. As a consequence of the IMQ’s repeal of the IMQ-CPT-007 Technical Specifications, from August 2019 FROR cables will no longer be able to be manufactured with the quality mark.

2. It has been a while since La Triveneta Cavi started managing its stock in the warehouse and designed new cables that fully meet the following requirements and technical regulations:

FS18OR18 cables for sections up to 2.5 mm² for voltages up to 300/500V (Cca-s3, d1, a3)
FG16OR16 cables for voltages up to 600/1000V (Cca-s3, d1, a3)

3. The conditions of use of these cables and their laying procedures will be indicated in the CEI 20-40 cable guides and in the Standards for Electrical Installations, CEI 64-8.

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