CPR, the new Cable Era
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According to the 2019 statistical yearbook of the National Fire Brigade, in 2018, about 58,000 fires took place in Italy in environments affected by the CPR regulation.

SCHOOLS: 2208 



These data are available in the 2020 edition of the CPR guide of AICE ( Italian Association of Cables and Electrical Conductors) entitled: CPR, The new Cables Age.  The numbers make us understand the importance of safety in buildings in case of fire. 

This document, addressed to project designers and installers, is an update of the complete guide to the Construction Products Regulation applied to Electric Cables and explains, among other things:

– the legislative scenario;

– the economic operators in the supply chain;

– the requirements imposed by the CPR regulation;

– Marks and Markings

AICE’s CPR guide is available in PDF at this link and in the Download area of our website www.latrivenetacavi.com.

La Triveneta Cavi and AICE

AICE, which La Triveneta Cavi has always been linked to, is an association of FEDERATION ANIE (National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Companies), which in turn is part of Confindustria, and represents companies active in the energy cables and accessories, communication cables and electrical winding conductors sectors.

AICE member companies are 39 (for a total of 7,000 employees) and in 2019 they had a turnover of about 3,000 million Euros.

AICE guarantees its members a continuous update on the evolution of the European Directives in force and under development (LVD – Low Voltage Directive; EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive; CPR – Construction Products Regulation; etc.).

In particular, with reference to the CPR Regulation, AICE member companies have focused their investments on research and development of safe and reliable products to be used in applications where the health of people and the protection of things must be guaranteed in case of fire.

FTG18(O)M16-0,6/1 kV Trisecur Top –  Maximum safety in case of fire
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Video presentation FTG18 Trisecur Top cable with flame resistance test explained by our technicians.

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The Marassi Lantern lights up thanks to LTC

After the Dacia Arena in Udine (one of the most innovative sports facilities in Italy), even the energy of the Marassi stadium in Genoa, starting from the current football season, is flowing through electric cables produced by La Triveneta Cavi. In fact, for the recent restyling of the famous Ligurian stadium, a large supply of our cables has been selected. The Luigi Ferraris Stadium is 110 years old and is the oldest football stadium still working in our country, recognized as one of the sports facilities that has made the history of Italian football. In 1933, between the two wars, it was named after Luigi Ferraris, captain of Genoa who died in the First World War.

Trisecur FG16OM16, a perfect cable for Stadium Marassi

27 kilometers of BT Trisecur FG16OM16 10G2.5 produced by La Triveneta Cavi were used in the works for the new lighting system of the stadium, mainly employed to power the lights and the safety lamps arranged on the entire surface of the stadium. Our Trisecur cable offers maximum safety and is in fact required by designers of sports facilities as it is resistant to weather and variable temperatures, with a guarantee of functioning for many events to come.

The version of FG16OM16 used for the Marassi stadium is 10-conductor

As reported by the website Calcio e Finanza –  there is a project worth over 40 million euros to be implemented over the next three years.

The project includes the construction of a “sky box” area with luxury lounges dedicated to companies and sponsors, the renovation of the changing rooms, the construction of a conference center, entertainment areas, restaurants and shops. 

For this facility Forum LED projectors (by Disano illuminazione Spa) were chosen, the spotlights that have brought the quality of LED lighting up to the level of large sports facilities. In addition to energy savings, the perfect stability of the light, with high color rendering, guarantees high-definition TV shooting and maximum comfort for both players and visitors.  

The new Luigi Ferraris stadium system includes 240 1392W Forum LED projectors with 3 different optics, replacing the 368 old generation 2000W lights.

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