La Triveneta Cavi moves forward with Industry 4.0. thanks to its new automated warehouse

Press Release

La Triveneta Cavi new warehouse is now fully operational

Brendola, Italy – September 2017

LTC, a historical group in the manufacture of low-voltage electrical cables, has taken a step forward in Industry 4.0. after having announced the completion of its new logistics warehouse, which is entirely automated.

The new warehouse which extends on 5,000 m2, is 30 m high and can store up to 11,500 pallets. This new warehouse will facilitate the process of managing and storing both inbound and outbound goods, to meet a growing client demand on the one hand and to reduce delivery times on the other, while optimizing the shipping service and inventories management.

The so-called Picking system is the spearhead of the new warehouse. The warehouse is highly automated and organized on two shifts (from 10 p.m. to 2 p.m.) which facilitates the orders preparation allowing both customization and time reduction.

The new warehouse is connected to the production plant, located in Brendola as well, via a 250-meter-long tunnel cable car which is 6 m high. Within the tunnel, there are four robotic shuttles that move along a continuous rail, depositing loads from the production plant to the new warehouse at 3m/s and delivering up to 38 pallets/h.

Once in the warehouse, a vertical elevator that moves on rails within a 30 m high storing rack, ensures a clever storage of the pallets, sorting them through weight and dimension sensors, while ensuring the optimization of the material layout.

In addition to this cutting-edge technology, other systems that La Triveneta has now adopted for a long time, such as the Rolling Floor, are used in the warehouse. They were the first in the industry to adopt the so-called Rolling Floor, a treadmill connected with the truck, which allows to load and download in 3 minutes an entire trailer.

Thanks to the high efficiency of this new logistics centre, it will be possible to load more than 30 trucks per day and to produce 24/7.

Finally, a video surveillance system with an anti-intrusion laser beam covers the entire outer area of the warehouse, ensuring a complete surveillance of the entire building.

Therefore, we can say that La Triventa Cavi fully embraces the process of industrial transformation of “smart manufacturing”, which allows the resources to work smarter while being “connected”, bringing speed and flexibility, which are fundamental elements for the relaunch of the Italian industry.


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