How to choose the most appropriate cables for an electrical wiring? The electrician answers…

Thousands of meters installed for residential and industrial environments: who else better than a successful company in the world of electrical systems could talk about electrical cables? We had an interesting chat with Marco Celsan of Celsan Elettroservice in Vicenza.


1- Tell us more about you and your company

My name is Marco Celsan, I am an electrician and work for my family business, Celsan Elettroservice in Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza), founded 35 years ago by my father. Our company deals with residential and industrial electrical systems. We also do energy consulting. Our company is composed of 10 employees divided into 5 different teams. We are also specialized in home automation, an industry that has gained more and more popularity over the past few years.


2- What are the most prestigious projects you have worked on?

We have installed and implemented the energy-saving lighting system of a multinational company in the Upper Vicenza area, designed by an architect, Mr. Weller. This was a particularly prestigious idea since we combined energy saving and design. Recently, we were asked to design the electrical and photovoltaic systems and special lighting solutions of a tower that belongs to a famous world coffee producer, which is one of the most modern, the tallest and most visible building in Vicenza. We have also worked abroad. We have installed the lighting system of an optician’s shop in New York. We are currently working to make electrical systems a reality for luxurious buildings in Morocco and we are carrying out various energy analyses in Italy and abroad.


3- How important is your equipment and consumables for your work?

Equipment is very important for every electrician when he leaves in the morning, it is vital that everything is in its right place to be able to work efficiently during the day. My vans are always tidy and perfectly organized. Every tool, toolbox, probe, tape and most importantly, the cables must always be there, prepared in advance and in an adequate quantity according to the type of work to be done. Since quality is really important for us, it is necessary to have work tools and consumables that have the highest performance in terms of safety.


4- How do you purchase a cable rather than another?

My choice is mainly determined by the technical characteristics of the system, the maintenance that the cable requires or the way it has to be installed.


5- How an electrician does choose one brand of cable rather over another?

I usually ask my suppliers and they are the ones who offer me the best cable, regardless of the brand. I am very confident that my supplier is qualified and I know that he only offers me certified and good quality cables. We, as electricians, are mainly interested in: the price, how easily the reel can be carried around, how easily the label can be read for identification purposes and then, of course, we also take into consideration the technical quality of the cable i.e. if you can strip it well or not. Obviously, a better-known brand, such as La Triveneta Cavi gives you more security to buy and to use a very good product, which does not vary over time in terms of quality and does not give you problems of any kind.


6- Which kind of problems can be encountered with certain cables?

It doesn’t happen all the time that a cable perfectly peels, especially if it was installed some years ago. It is possible that the compound has lost its mechanical characteristics. During the maintenance, I can encounter problems with old cables that are “glued” due to overheating, where sheath and insulation remain attached making it difficult to peel. Moreover, the quality of the packing of the reel is important: if it is too thin it breaks too easily and makes it difficult to store the remaining cable. Finally, when purchasing bulk cables, it is possible that suppliers cut them and that cables tangle. This represents a great waste of time. In this case, of course, it is not the manufacturer’s fault.


7- How dangerous can a low-quality cable be?

An unsuitable cable can represent a series of dangers: if the quality is not good enough the cable may overheat, melt the insulation and create a short circuit. There is also a higher probability that copper oxidation may occur.


8- How do you choose the section of a cable?

The section of a cable depends on the load of each user and on the length of the cable section. To do it, we use a special software that automatically performs the necessary calculations by entering the parameters of the system. In this way, we are sure of the accuracy of the calculations.


9- How did you manage to get more information on the CPR Directive?

I have been directly informed by my suppliers, more specifically by Sonepar. They organized a conference during which an expert from La Triveneta Cavi explained the novelties introduced by the CPR regulation.
We were given a guide, written and prepared by La Triveneta Cavi. It was very clear and exhaustive for me and my colleagues.


10- How can a good cable manufacturer make a difference in your job?

It can make a difference if the manufacturer chooses a protective and functional packaging, if it always guarantees good quality products in accordance with the law and if its products are easy to install on any surface, even in channels, without the need for soap or cable glands. It is also very useful if the manufacturer can provide some updates on new regulations with clear, simple documents, maybe the same kind of documents you prepared for your technical seminars. 

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