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How to avoid electromagnetic radiation from domestic electrical installations

Avoiding electromagnetic radiation from domestic electrical installations is both possible and required. First of all, it is essential to use certified materials to protect you and your family from electromagnetic waves. 


How to monitor electromagnetic radiation

During the first step, it is essential to proceed with accurate monitoring of the electromagnetic fields with the appropriate tools to indicate the direction of the electromagnetic radiation and record the values detected in the environment where the installation of the electrical system will be carried out. You can build the electromagnetic radiation shielding if you know these parameters and understand what condition you have to achieve. 

At this point, you have to evaluate the values you measured with extreme precision, given that the value tolerated by the law, for an electromagnetic field, is equal to 6 V/m. If there are low average values in the environment, a simple electromagnetic shielding can be applied. I.e., even a curtain mounted on a window allows you to reduce the values below 0.6 V/m.

Otherwise, when the values detected during the monitoring phase are too high, the electromagnetic shielding must be applied to more significant structures, such as the walls of your house. If the walls are thick enough, they are an excellent protective barrier against electromagnetic radiation. However, sometimes the walls are not thick enough, so you have to reinforce the protection in different ways. For example, you can find available on the market shielding fabrics/shielding sheets that can be applied to the walls merely using wallpaper glue or plasterboard.

Shields to reduce electromagnetic radiation

When choosing a shielding material (also a shielding made of fabric), you have to consider several factors:

 – the reticular structure of the shielding fabric itself: it is convenient to use small squares that make the electromagnetic radiation less dangerous and more effective; 

 – the percentage of metal alloy used: it must range between 3% to 10%, in both the cheapest materials on the market and the most expensive. The higher the percentage of metal alloy, the higher the performance in reducing electromagnetic radiation is.

Home environments and electromagnetic radiation

In domestic environments, it is not so uncommon to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation. For this reason, it is advisable to analyze the potential sources of “dangers” in the house and the surrounding area. Then you shall proceed with the application of the shielding materials as mentioned above. The electrical systems in your home and any electromagnetic radiation are affected by the frequencies of the mobile phone repeaters, such as cordless phones and especially Wifi. 

Dwellings in the vicinity of a mobile phone booster are more exposed to electromagnetic radiation because, in the long term, they can lead to health problems and even severe illnesses. However, it is fair to say that the connection between electromagnetic radiation and disease is not always so clearly recognized, especially in legal disputes.

Health hazards?

This situation is not to be underestimated when carrying out domestic electrical systems. Some of the symptoms that arise from electromagnetic pollution can affect the health of people living in specific environments and, in some cases, children or pregnant women. Symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, headache, physical weakness, difficulty concentrating, memory loss are not uncommon. But also, hearing and vision disorders and partial loss of balance, palpitations, mood swings. The danger of excessive and prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation is dangerous, so it is a good idea to act quickly or even in advance. The use of certified equipment makes it possible to accurately detect electromagnetic radiation’s values in a specific place to operate correctly. Only careful monitoring can exponentially reduce the problems arising from electromagnetic radiation exposure.


In conclusion, it is essential to know how to proceed when you need to install an electrical system in your home or office. These rules can be divided into a few concrete steps, such as the measurement of electromagnetic fields and their detection. The fields’ values can be low, medium, or high frequency; the regulations in force recommend a safety distance. It is also essential to consider the radiation exposure time if you cannot do otherwise and after you have worked to reduce the radiation values. The rooms, for example, where people are more likely to be concentrated, especially children’s rooms, are the ones that need to be protected from being exposed to a source of electromagnetic radiation. It is a good idea to shield the electromagnetic source itself, the house, or those who live in the building where works are carried out.

The respect of the rules established by the law and common sense makes it possible to realize a good project that allows you to adequately protect the environment and the people who live in it from electromagnetic radiation. Moreover, this guarantees an efficient performance of the domestic electrical system, thanks to which you can still enjoy modern comforts without excessively suffering the effects and consequent symptoms that result from long and not very careful exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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