Digital “electricians”: the apps that can help (cable) experts

There is no doubt that new digital technologies are changing the way we live. As a matter of fact, many of our daily actions, pass from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. Just think, for example, at the number of apps are developed daily, for these devices.

On each smartphone you have the opportunity to install a wide range of apps, all of different nature: entertainment, games and music, videos, but also useful apps such, language translators, apps to activate your home appliances, apps to connect with your bank, up to some apps that can help you do your job.

This is the case of the apps made for electricians.

The best apps for electricians

But what are the apps that a cable industry expert can’t disregard?

When carrying out an activity, you often need to find a quick answer to problems that sometimes are very complex. Through some apps that contain particular calculation tools or installation codes, these problems can be solved a little more easily.

Before explaining which are the best apps for electricians, it is useful to point out that these apps should be considered only as an “extra help”, not as tools to be used to learn how to work in the field. Basically, the apps should be used by those who are already familiar with cables and electricity.

So, here are the best apps that cable professionals can’t live without anymore! They will run to download them on their smartphone or tablet.


Among the available apps for electricians, we definitely need to mention, Electro-memory, an app not to be missed. According to the reviews made by various users, this app is, in effect, the perfect manual for all electricians. One of the advantages of this app is that it is easy to use. It’s a kind of memo containing all the information a good electrician needs to know in order to do his job. More specifically, it should be pointed out that in this app, electricians can find formulas but also specific instructions on the cables, the installation codes, the necessary methods that need to be followed to correctly install lighting systems, what to do in case of unexpected events and how to act if the electrician were to find himself dealing with asbestos.

So many pros for this app, not least the fact that it is free. However, there are also some cons: the emergency numbers that are provided are Swiss numbers and there is no integrated calculator. It is therefore recommended to install it on your smartphone.


Another application not to be missed is Electro-Tool, an app made in Germany. According to many positive users’ reviews who have used it, it seems to be one of the best apps on the market. Unlike the previous app, Electro-Tool is not for free, even if it costs very little. With a few euros, electricians have the opportunity to take advantage of any kind of tools through which to do their job at best. Among the information that the app can provide to the “digital” electrician, there are, for example, the cornerstones of Ohm’s law but also the fuses that must be used in various circumstances. In addition, this app allows the electrician to write down, on a special virtual log, the various appointments agreed with customers.

One of the most interesting functions of this app is to automatically calculate the main variables of a system: just enter the voltage, the power, the length and other data required. Everything is very simple and intuitive.


Mobile Electrician, is an app that needs to be mentioned among those apps that come in two different versions: paying and free. If you decide to go for the free version, you will just learn how to deal with advertising banners. As in previous cases, this app has the great advantage of being very intuitive. This makes it easy to use and perfect for electricians who have to go to construction sites on a daily basis. The opinions of those users who have already had the opportunity to try this app are all very positive and indicate that it is a “very versatile” app since it offers many possibilities of use. For example, it allows you to decode values such as the so-called colour codes of resistances. Moreover, it is possible to calculate the cross-sections and the voltage of the conductors.


From these examples, it is easy to understand that many apps are available for electricians. Of course, all these apps are a good help but we still wish to point out that they cannot replace the field practice. This means that the apps, to be really useful, must go hand in hand with the competence and experience of the industry expert. These are the features a good electrician must rely on to recognize when an app is really useful for his job. Depending on the type of intervention, an electrician may need an app rather than another one, but it will depend on his experience to recognize if that specific app is the best for his professional requirements and if it allows him to promptly resolve any doubts and problems.



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