D-Link Surveillance Camera Review

Security is a matter that interests everyone, both businesses and residential houses.
We often resort to the installation of cameras to make sure that the places, where we spend most of our time, are safer.

In addition to acting as a deterrent for vandals and thieves, a good video surveillance system can be very useful to persuade potential perpetrators from committing any criminal act.
D-Link video surveillance system offers a variety of options to meet the multiple and different needs of customers.


Which cameras to choose?

The choice of cameras must be made according to the characteristics of the area to be monitored while taking into account the amount of light present in the area itself, especially to determine if you want to monitor and record images even during the night. In this case, you should opt for infrared vision cameras, otherwise the images will be poorly defined and practically unusable.

Today, IP cameras are the most popular because they are easy to install and configure, especially with the mydilink ™ app that lets you program the camera settings via your smartphone. Additionally, thanks to the cloud system, you can track at any time the places you are most interested in, using the app on your smartphone.


Benefits of D-Link video surveillance system

The solutions offered by D-Link, a leader in networking equipment for over thirty years, are countless starting from the Day / Night (DCS-5030L) Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt HD Camera, suitable for the video surveillance of your house or office indoor environments.

Capable of viewing in HD, this system sends a notification directly to your device when it detects suspicious movements, and starts recording automatically on an SD card installed in the camera with a maximum capacity of 128 GB.

Another remarkable feature is its 180° Wi-Fi HD camera (DCS-8100LH), which is also suitable for the interior of your house. Thanks to its two-way audio feature, it allows you to communicate with your loved ones and see them at the same time. It also has a 180° widescreen lens capable of tracking an entire area with a single camera.

Regarding D-Link external cameras, the brand offers this highly technological model: the so-called External HDD Day & Night Vision Camcorder (DCS-2330L). Built to be robust and waterproof to weather conditions, this camera can record images up to 720p HD even in dark conditions. This is a fundamental feature if you wish to monitor an outside area without risking to miss details that this camera makes visible and defined.

Another fundamental feature of this camera is the IR-Cut Removable (ICR) filter that allows, despite the infrared system, to get perfect resolutions even in daylight. It activates automatically during the day and deactivates overnight. Images are recorded on a 16 GB SD card which is included with the purchase of the device.
Even in this case, you do not have to use your computer.

As we are dealing with a Wi-Fi device, its installation must take place within the scope of your wireless network, so that you can always have the chance to monitor it remotely using the mydilink ™ app. Additionally, with the help of the D-Viewcam ™ software, it is possible to extend the video surveillance system to up to thirty-two cameras.

The mydilink ™ app works in a very simple and intuitive manner so that anyone can configure their own video surveillance system. You need to create an account from the mydlink.com website and register your devices completely free of charge. This allows you to access your cameras wherever you are. You will just need an internet connection.

There are also other ways you can record your images: you can record them directly on an SD card installed on the device. For example, you can use a Network Video Recorder (NVR) that must be connected to the same network of the cameras. You have to enter the IP parameters of the Network Video Recorder, so that the images can be directly recorded on it.
These settings can be easily implemented through web interfaces and very intuitive and simple wizards.


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