CPR: LTC FG7(O)R and FG7(O)M1 cables become respectively FG16(O)R16 and FG16(O)M16

In accordance with the New European Construction Products Regulation CPR EU 305/2011, which will enter into force on 1 July 2017, La Triveneta Cavi has recently “revolutionized” two of its national cables suitable for fixed wiring (indoor, outdoor and underground).

The so-called FG7(O)R and FG7(O)M1 cables have undergone constructive modifications, to obtain the established fire reaction class, thus becoming FG16 (O) R16 (Cca -s3, d1, a3) and FG16 (O ) M16 (class Cc-s1b, d1, a1) respectively.

Please, note that the FG7(O)R and FG7​​(O)M1 cables will still be available. They will be even more suitable for uses other than permanent installation inside buildings and civil engineering works and will be eligible outside of the European Union.


CPR correlation table national cables harmonization cables


The new Regulation CPR EU 305/2011 lays down a fire classification and a new nomenclature in Italy. Some countries have not changed the designation of their national cables (i.e. France).

Cables have been categorized into 7 fire reaction classes identified by the letters “F” to “A” and the acronym “ca” depending on their increasing performance.


The IMQ Euro Fire Performance (EFP)


FG16(O)R16 and FG16(O)M16 cables also feature the new Euro Fire Performance Label (EFP) presented by IMQ, which, besides ensuring the mandatory performance features for fire, also guarantees all other compliance checks: electrical, mechanical and physical safety requirements.

The IMQ EFP brand guarantees factory process control, as required by the new CPR 305/2011 regulation, but it also monitors product and production development, with product controls, typical of the IMQ brand.

FG16(O)R16 and FG16(O)M16 cables can be now ordered. Please, find the technical data on our website www.latrivenetacavi.com

If you wish to know more about the CPR topic, download the CPR Guide Booklet.


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