Which are the main compatible devices with Apple’s home?

Apple’s home is the new convenient App released by Apple with which it is possible to manage, through mobile devices, all automated devices belonging to the same brand.

cose apples homeIf you need to lower the intensity of the lights of the living room or to raise the shutters, you can simply do it from your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, with this App, it is possible to give instructions to the configured appliances. In other words, Apple’s home is an incredible revolution destined to radically change the habits of all those who have opted for an automated house.

As you can imagine, there have been in some cases, a series of configuration and incompatibility problems. To better understand these issues, it is necessary to understand how the interaction between the App and the automated devices works.


Apple’s home: functionality and compatibility

Today, more and more devices are compatible with this app. Apparently, this process took place over time. In the beginning, not all of the devices were ready to receive iPhone and iPad inputs. Recently, the idea of establishing a protocol, according to which various devices should be set to be compatible with Apple’s Home, has been launched.

How is that possible that some devices were not supported?

The answer to this question is simple. The app only works if it can recognise the automated devices. These devices must be equipped with a mechanism capable of interacting with the app. If this is not integrated, it is not possible to establish a connection between the two.

The app offers many advantages. You will be able to manage your automated devices, by just sitting on your sofa, from another room or even from another floor of the house. However, which devices are compatible with Apple’s home?


All compatible devices

As we previously mentioned, the list of Apple’s home compatible devices is increasing, and the number keeps on growing. It is necessary, for all those wishing to use such a sophisticated technology, to read this list carefully.


termostati ecobee

Ecobee thermostats are among those devices compatible with the app. Thanks to their remote sensor, they can easily interact with the iPhone and the iPad.








Even Eve di Elgato sensors are perfectly compatible with the app. We are dealing here with a fascinating synergy that allows you to manage lights, heaters, doors, windows and electric current, all this, through your mobile devices and only within a few seconds.





First Alert detectors are part of those devices that perfectly interact with the inputs sent by Apple. More specifically, we are talking about environment and carbon monoxide detectors. This App also communicates with Connect Sense smart socket, Haier air conditioner, Honeywell thermostats as well as with iHome SmartPlug.

In conclusion, many are the devices that interact with this app, and there is a safe bet that very soon, the list of compatible devices will drastically increase. According to the latest news on new technologies, it seems that many companies that manufacture automated devices have decided to integrate mechanisms capable of receiving inputs sent by Apple’s Home app.

The competition within the industry is fierce. Beyond Apple, there will be many other companies that will soon offer the possibility, to those who converted to home automation, to manage their devices through their smartphones and tablets. As we all know, Apple has always been a harbinger of great news, and more than once, was ahead of its time. Nothing remains but to wait for all automated devices to interact and communicate with this app, allowing all users to make the most out of such an innovation that will revolutionise the way we live our houses.


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