Automated blinds and lights: review of Yokis by Urmet

Home automation, i.e. the synchronised management of different electronic and computerised devices installed in a house – such as the automation of shutters, blinds, lights and curtains – has made enormous strides in recent years.

human hand opening blinds to see the sun


The ease of using these systems represents one of the major improvements in the industry. Users can remotely and easily manage these systems via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Among the companies promoting such innovations, there is with no doubts Yokis, a company that belongs to the Urmet Group. Thanks to its light, blind and automation devices management, Yokis ensures maximum savings in terms of energy consumption. Moreover, thanks to its wide range of products including receivers, remote controls and transmitters that together create a centralised system with multiple commands, Yokis also guarantees great savings.

Yokis system allows expert technicians to change its settings remotely, mainly in emergency situations or when the user may have some doubts about the available features of the system itself.

The electronic modules by Yokis are designed for managing computerised and electronic systems in the tertiary sector and for households. Therefore, Yokis product range aims at fully satisfying the security requirements expressed both by private individuals and by businesses.

Today, only simplified home automation systems are installed in Italian households, while more evolved ones aren’t widespread yet, i.e. managing different functionalities that can vary depending on the area of the house. More complex home automation systems allow users to adjust parameters regarding sound diffusion, safety, and the lighting system of the house, even when they are not at home or are at the office but still wish to have the situation under control.

With Yokis, home automation is available to all those wishing to make a definitive leap of quality in managing the systems of their property. Yokis systems stand out for their user-friendly interface, as well as for their easy installation to already connected devices.

This is made possible by a wireless technology that does not require wires for connecting various devices, making Yokis a point of reference for the companies of the field.

Nowadays, due to current policies and tax reliefs proposed by the institutions, restructuring is becoming a very common practice in the real estate market.

It is in this scenario that installing systems for managing computerised and electronic devices has become the ideal solution, making users more familiar with this new technology even when the installation of such systems was not planned since the beginning.


Advantages of Yokis electronic modules by Urmet 

The products offered by Yokis are also very accessible to clients that have never used these managing tools before, thus allowing to considerably reduce the management time and the modification of parameters of the electrical grid and systems in the building.

This feature is made possible thanks to a series of solutions connected through an innovative and powerful microprocessor.

Yokis modules represent an added value to the property and can be integrated along with other functionalities even after having planned the installation of other systems.

In such a way, Yokis systems can adapt to any changes required by the house tenants or by the business. Invasive masonry works or installing new wires won’t be needed.


Automatic blinds: shutter module by Yokis


Window shutter module allows to open and close window shutters, screens and blinds using local, group and centralised controls.

500w radio flush-mounted shutter module500w radio flush-mounted shutter module


Ease to use

The main benefits for Yokis users are a simplified management and an easy installation.

The smart functionalities of its different managing systems can be monitored through a series of apps, downloadable on all mobile devices, and through management units installed in the building, which consist of touch-screen monitors in different areas of the premises.

Comfort and safety

Being able to check on lights, blinds and anti-theft systems, make users feeling more comfortable and safer in their own house or at work.

Moreover, with Yokis systems, it is also possible to simulate people presence inside the building. It can deter potential thieves and activate a night courtesy light that will make children sleep peacefully.


Therefore, Yokis represents the ideal solution for achieving higher performances, without spending too much money.

You will not only be saving on your energy consumption but also in terms of manpower and materials. Savings can be as high as 32% in the case of a 180 m² two-story villa.

Yokis also ensures an excellent quality service not only during the installation process but also with its after-sales customer care, managed by Urmet to guarantee a complete satisfaction of its customers.

Total integration

Integrating IT, electrical, anti-theft, lighting, heating systems are made possible thanks to connecting these devices to the already installed ones, such as security systems, heating, intercoms and video intercoms.

Software and apps that support Yokis monitoring systems are particularly efficient and reliable. The strong technological and digital development of Yokis offer guarantees a quick installation time and an excellent management of its functionalities.


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