Saving money with electricity: the most cost-effective systems
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Building and renovating, while saving energy, represent the main objective of the construction industry operators. Energy losses have a great impact on the household economy, as much as they have on the industrial production cycle.…Read more

TEDx Vicenza 2016: Interview with Costantino Ambrosini, Managing Director of LTC
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Our Managing Director, Costantino Ambrosini, interviewed during the second edition of TEDx Vicenza.…Read more

Advantages of smart lighting systems for the home
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Over the past decade, we have been witnessing a revolution in the lighting industry, thanks to the development of highly hi-tech solutions…Read more

Protecting buildings from lightnings: how to prevent likely damages
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Following data provided by Sirf (the Italian system for the detection of lightening), about 750.000 lightning strikes hit our country every year.…Read more

How does public lighting work? Everything you have always wanted to know about costs, management and much more
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If we look at the history of public lighting, we realize that it is a pretty recent history. Public lighting appeared in our society only recently. The public lighting system is the result of the improvement in the lighting industry and the arrival of cars on the roads.…Read more