Advantages of smart lighting systems for the home

Over the past decade, we have been witnessing a revolution in the lighting industry, thanks to the development of highly hi-tech solutions, that improved the home automation industry. Home automation focuses on finding the best strategies to ensure and improve life quality of the inhabitants of a house.
They include, increasing security level, simplifying electrical equipment maintenance, reducing costs management and, above all, exploiting the existing technology in favor of people.

The Led, a smart choice

A first step was taken when the old incandescent or halogen bulbs were replaced with LEDs. LEDs use less energy, produce less heat and last much longer.
The use of LEDs does not only ensure a saving on electricity consumption, but allows you to create a unique atmosphere in different areas of the house and during different moments of the day.
Lights can be hot or cold, of different intensities, depending on personal taste and needs. LEDs represent real pieces of furniture in every house.

Home automation control of the LEDs

Besides, the use of these lights allows to carry out the home automation control system.
Through control panels, occupancy sensors, preset programs – that switch on and off the lights depending on the time of day or activity, that is taking place in a specific area of the house – this system assures a greater house safety.
These innovative lighting system technologies, combined with electronic devices, make the house a better place for the inhabitants, making it a more livable place (we are specifically talking about Human Centric Lighting & Technologies).

Towards the smart home

Intelligent lighting is a highly innovative lighting technology, designed to making homes more energy efficient.
Installing smart lighting systems represents the first, simple step on the way towards creating what may now be called a “smart home”.
A smart home meets the owners’ needs and decreases the time spent daily on managing units that use energy.

By using sensors, smart lighting systems, will also allow you to manage different tasks.
Just to name a few, you will be able to set the lighting for every room of the house, to control the lights remotely or through a planned program, to turn on and off the lights at preset times from your phone or tablet, as well as even setting the alarm, to wake you up smoothly in the morning.
Some of today’s smart bulbs, available on the market, create a smart home environment, in step with the times.

home environment tailored

Besides the convenience and improvement of home energy efficiency, when you choose a smart lighting system, you will get an elegant atmosphere in your house.
The choice of the color temperature and brightness is important for domestic use.
The first is conventionally expressed in Kelvin, where the range between 2700 and 3000 K corresponds to a warm white color.
Higher values make the light appearing colder, while lower values make it warmer. Brightness instead, is measured in lumens and the angle of the light beam determines its diffusion into the surrounding environment.
Light influences our mood and our vital energy levels, so it is worth choosing the system carefully, depending on how you want to customize it and how much you want to spend.

Other smart lighting benefits

Intelligent lights are the perfect excuse, to start a technological revolution in the house: they are easy to install, fun to show and allow you to save time and effort.
The only problem with the LED lighting choice is that, unfortunately, LEDs are still much more expensive than the technology they replace.
However, this first investment is paid off with time, since it will provide great savings on energy bills and on the purchase of spare bulbs.
You can also buy low-priced LED lightbulbs, but as with any other technology, you’ll get what you pay for, in terms of light quality, brightness and coverage.

Kits for lighting

There are kits for lighting, that let you change the brightness and color of every bulb, select colors and control the lights from your Smart TV.
This will allow you to light up the living room, with the lights coming from the colors showing on the screen.
Moreover, there are LED lamps that are ideal to be placed outside, such as on balconies, terraces and gardens.
As well as being controlled remotely, with the possibility of varying shades and colors, these lamps can also act as an intelligent gradual function alarm, to be placed on your bedside table.

Some of these lamps provide a battery power supply.
The life of the battery varies depending on the type or model, but we are always talking about of low power lighting systems, that ensure a considerable saving on energy consumption.
It is also possible, when you are away, to program lights to simulate human presence in the house. You can also increase or decrease light intensity in the room or in the entire house, with a simple command, and automate the lighting system, to respond, with personalized programs, to specific needs.

Wireless lighting

Thanks to wireless keypads and screw less covers, the Wireless lighting system, for example, provides a sophisticated color choice, to enhance the beauty of the house interiors. Customizable buttons allow you to control much more than simple lighting.
What about listening to the music or watching a movie with a simple touch? Turning on or off simultaneously the lights in most of the rooms or throughout the house?
The presence of motion sensors ensure that you always have your hands free, and that lights will automatically turn off when nobody is in the room.

Centralized lighting

Nevertheless, centralized lighting, is ideal for those who are undertaking the construction of a new home or are renovating an old building.
This will be the perfect opportunity to move the lighting controls elsewhere, such as in a closet or for replacing old switches with elegant and stylish keyboards.
Buttons customization allows the one-touch control for lighting, entertainment, security, temperature management and much more. For example, a “Goodnight” button can be configured to turn off all the lights, lock the doors and arm the alarm, all at once and with a single touch.

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  • I thought the article made a good point about how a lighting control system can actually increase the security of a home. My wife and I had been looking at getting a system installed in our home to help us combat our energy bills since we’d have the luxury of dimming lights throughout the house when un-needed. Knowing that they can provide added security by allowing us to light our home when away from it makes getting a lighting control system that much more attractive.

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