The importante of choosing the most suitable electrical cables for modern installations
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Engineering works surprise us daily. Astonishing projects flourish on every street corner and in the most diverse places of the world.…Read more

Electric moped: an option for the future of urban mobility?
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For those who live in an Italian city, especially in large urban centers, the simple fact to be moving by car daily, it doesn’t matter the time of the day, will make you realize, how the traffic has been increasing year after year.…Read more

The best electric performing car models on the market
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Humans have now started replacing old resources and means of transports exploiting the same resources, with new ones, being more sustainable for the environment and most importantly, being renewable.…Read more

TEDx Vicenza 2016: Interview with Costantino Ambrosini, Managing Director of LTC
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Our Managing Director, Costantino Ambrosini, interviewed during the second edition of TEDx Vicenza.…Read more

Is graphite, the conductor of the future?
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During these recent years, graphite has become a more appreciated material on the market. Thanks to some of its features, it is now considered as one of the leading candidates to become the conductor of the future.…Read more

BMW i3 or the perfect electric car
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Our company always focuses on technological innovations, as well as on the impact, they may have on the environment. Therefore, we decided to analyze what it has been defined, as a real revolution for BMW.…Read more

Electric Bike: what is it and what are the latest industry news
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The increasing concern for the environment, for energy saving and alternative sources of energy, have led many people to look with increasing interest to modern green transportation means.…Read more

2016 innovations for house lighting
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Until recently, when people were talking about hi-tech, many did not consider house lighting as one of the main topics of their discussions…Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of solar panels
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Advantages and disadvantages of solar panels. Let’s find them out together..…Read more

Electricity to heat homes: is it a convenient choice?
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In most areas of our country, the autumn-winter temperatures reach low enough average values, ​​to justify the use of at least one heating system.…Read more