What are Halogen-Free cables?
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Just browse through our LTC catalogue to see that there are dozens and dozens of Halogen-free cables in our offer, daily requested by wholesalers all around the world. But where does their real need come from? In this article we want to make a bit of history and  an analysis of the current market since, even at this time, the Research and Development department of La Triveneta Cavi is focusing on the design of new CPR Halogen Free cables to ensure more and more security in high-density people buildings.

Identifying Halogen elements

The Halogens, or elements of group 17 of the periodic table, are Fluorine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I) and Astate (AT). Halogens react with almost all elements of the periodic table and form ionic or covalent compounds that are often used as starting materials for the synthesis of other compounds, both inorganic and organic. Among the applications there is also the production of insulating material, used in transformers and, of course, in electrical cables.


Hazard of halogen elements in cables

Halogen elements, under certain conditions, can promote the spread of a fire and the gases released may cause serious damage to health. In excessive quantities, halogens have an immunosuppressant effect and weaken people’s cognitive and coordination skills.

Historical notes on the hazardousness of halogen elements in electrical cables

According to the well-informed blog www.incore-cables.com, the key event that brought out the danger of halogen elements in power cables was the fire at Kings Cross station in London in 1987. In that catastrophe 32 people died and following investigations showed that the majority of deaths were due to the toxicity of gases and smoke, emitted by electric cables and inhaled by people, rather than to burns or open flames. That was the only time that people died in a fire in the London Tube.

Mandatory use of Halogen Free Cables

As a result of the fire at Kings Cross station, companies, cable installers and safety experts decided not to manufacture or use any more cables containing halogen elements. Soon came the obligation from the authorities that was extended not only to the London Tube and to other stations in general, but in all those buildings or infrastructure, public, private and high-density people, such as cinemas, shopping malls, hospitals, offices, etc..

Continuous development of Halogen Free cables

The obligation to install Halogen Free cables arisen after the metro accident reinforced the growing attention to safety and therefore, in the following years, La Triveneta Cavi began to produce the first LS0H (Trisecur) cables. The recent process of improving safety  has seen the entry into force of the CPR Regulation (2017). Triveneta Cavi has already developed over 90 families of cables certified according to the CPR regulation and continues to develop new ones. Soon we will announce the launch of new Halogen Free cables that, completing our wide range, will add to all the others already in the catalog.


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